Client: Montreal School Service Center

Montréal, QC. Canada


2014 m2 /  21679 pi2




in consortium with BGLA




In order to meet the growing need for the number of students received in the School, the Christ-Roi School has decided to expand and renovate its campus. From the start of the design, the stake of this project rested on the choice of location. Taking into consideration the safety of users, the size of the schoolyard, the convenience of the entrance, internal circulation, natural conditions such as optimal sunshine, the extension was established along the rue de Lajeunesse. Limiting its impact on the surface area of the schoolyard, the project is being developed over 3 complete floors and over the entire depth of the site.

In terms of interventions in the existing, several functions have been relocated, making it possible to free up space to fit out the new library as well as a corridor connecting the two sides of the school.

The facade on Lajeunesse Street affirms the institutional character of the building. The choice of a brick of a color similar to the existing building ensures the integration of the new into the existing and helps to define a cohesive whole.

The brick volume is sculpted to mark the school's social and "active" functions. Inspired by the principles of "active design", promoting physical activity, the new school is now characterized as an inviting, open, dynamic and colorful place.

The whole project is designed with healthy materials with low VOC emissions.

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