Client: La CSDM

Montreal, QC. Canada

 On going

3193 m2 /  34369 pi2




The project is located in a residential area and is aiming to design the space within the Hubert-Reeves pavilion and create new 2-storey building. The extension accommodates 8 classes, 1 multi-purpose hall, 2 kindergartens, 1 library, 1 gymnasium and related services. The new section establishes a friendly connection with the existing building in a free and dynamic way. Two separate volumes define the new features: the classrooms including multifunctional auxiliary areas in the west; and the volume of the gymnasium as well as the library to the east.

In order to improve the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces and promote mobility between functions, the expansion project proposes to reimagine their interactions. Therefore, the expanded floor is very open and has the function of a multi-purpose room leading to the inner courtyard. The agora, which connects the existing building to the extension, is also directly connected to the small courtyard, making these spaces multifunctional.




The gym is directly facing the large courtyard with an abundance of fenestration favoring interrelationships. These developments make the project easy to access, active and unified.

SVA has integrated wood throughout the construction of the new building. In order to reduce costs and to allow the choice of wood as a framework, a hybrid system (light-wood frame) was chosen. Areas have been carefully chosen to expose a beautiful glulam structure such as the link connecting the expansion and the existing (agora) and the new gymnasium. The rest of the structure will be a more conventional system of load-bearing walls and beams. In addition, integrated furniture and interior cladding will also be made of wood.