Client: M. Brulé

Montreal, QC. Canada


 274 m2 / 2 946 ft2





Located in the heart of the Plateau neighborhood, the Drolet residence integrates perfectly into its urban setting by making the most of the neighbouring green area - a contemporary architectural volume deeply rooted on the street while simultaneously connecting with the surrounding park.


Originally a duplex, transformed innumerable times and finally considered unrecoverable, the building has now been converted into a bi-generational dwelling made up of a 55m2 studio apartment nestled in the heart of 300m2 principal residence.  

Natural light penetrates from all directions. The multiple openings pull the regard towards the exterior and become frames for the surrounding scenery, changing with the seasons. The staircase, topped by an immense skylight, forms the central element of the home; its space geometry creates an interplay of light and shadows on the different levels of the home. The dark masonry and walnut coloured doors and windows contrast with the stark white of the interior walls. The use of wood is omnipresent - a cherry staircase; cedro windows; bamboo for the floor and kitchen.