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Client: CSDM

Montreal, QC. Canada


2014 m2 /  21679 ft2




in consortium with BGLA


Carried out in consortium with Smith Vigeant Architects , the project consists of the expansion of the Christ-Roi elementary school of the CSSDM , in the Borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville . The school was extended over three floors, including, in particular, nine classrooms, a kindergarten, a daycare service and a gymnasium. The project called for creative solutions to successfully integrate both architectural and urban.


Creating a harmonious whole, the extension takes the principles of the existing building and redefines the relationship of the school with its context. On the street, a sculpted massing announces the new hall, as well as the social and active functions. On the courtyard side, transparency and color are expressed more, offering a personalized character to the institution, in respect of its initial pavilion. The bright colors of the facade blend with the original brick while revealing it.

The two buildings are structured around a vast central staircase bathed in natural light and the radiance of colors. The staircase clearly ensures the new links with the existing school while providing a comfortable and fun socialization space. The entrance hall, by its size and opening, creates a generous and friendly transition space between the neighborhood, the daycare service and the schoolyard.


The color ensures a warm presence of the institution in the public space, harmonizes the old and the new while stimulating learning and sharing spaces.

2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-3035-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-2973-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-3087-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-3132-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-1429-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-1042-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-1396-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-840-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-916-Edit
2020-08-26_École Christ-Roi-478-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-1309-Edit
2020-11-05_École Christ-Roi-2929-Edit
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