Client: Nunavik Parks

Tursujuq, Nunavik, QC.


415 m2 / 4 467 ft2

Inspired by the powerful natural elements that characterize the Tursujuq National Park, the new Visitor's Centre is composed of materials from the landscape and evokes an appreciation of the rugged beauty of the region. The imagined atmosphere places the participant at the centre of a dialogue between the pavilion, its environment, and the intrinsic spirit of the site.


The articulated wood structure feels like a forest, giving the reception area a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The roof, with its particular geological shape, resembles a series of cuestas, the inclined landforms distinctive to the territory that are prominent features in the park.




With its strategic orientation, the building offers visitors dramatic views of the magnificent surrounding landscape. The structure also benefits from natural elements such as the sun's path across the sky and the direction of the prevailing winds. The floor heating slab, the natural ventilation, and other bioclimatic strategies create a comfortable indoor climate and optimize the comfort level of the occupants.