Client: City of Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield, QC. Canada












The transformation of the Beaconsfield Aquatic Pavilion consisted of expanding the facility, redefining the spaces to meet current needs, redesigning the entrances, and installing durable, easy to maintain materials. The design approach was based on principles of sustainable development.


Four elements dominate and animate the architecture of the new building. The main volume, stripped of its original envelope, contains the refurbished shower rooms.




The volume annexed to the main building houses the concession stand, which is located on the roof of the expansion project and features an outdoor terrace with a view of the entire facility. Placing the concession on the roof, thereby creating a second story, also allowed for a redesign of the lifeguard area. The promenade built onto the existing volume - consisting of a platform, sun screens, and a pergola - redefines the peripheral zone of the building while harmonizing an otherwise irregular facade.

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