Client: Environment Canada

Sainte-Helene Island, Montreal, QC.


 629 m2 / 6770 ft2

In collaboration with Albert Mondor Horticulturist


In symbiosis with the Museum of the Environment’s educative mission, several greening interventions were done on the roofs of the museum and on the entrance hallway’s wall.

The different spaces were carefully studied to identify the most relavant and appropriate spaces to place the interventions. Conception and installation were then done in collaboration with horticulture and botanic specialists to develop an harmonious vegetal ensemble.The green roofs and the green wall have a triple function. 

First of all they fulfill an esthetic purpose, giving the wall a luxurious green aspect to a space otherwise left ungarnished.

Second of all they have an environmental purpose. For instance the green wall contributes to maintaining a comfortable level of humidity, and absorbs noises, leading to more acoustic comfort. The green roofs are welcoming places for biodiversity and absorb rainwater, which would otherwise be evacuated through wastewater systems.

Finally the spaces have a third purpose, which is to be part of the educational content of the museum by being live examples of the advantages of such installations.