Client: Allied Properties REIT

Montreal, QC. Canada


102 200 m2 / 1 100 000 ft2



Located in the heart of a post-industrial urban neighbourhood in the midst of rapid revitalization, this project involved the transformation of two industrial high-rises with a total of over 1.1 million square feet of rental spaces. The project is primarily aimed at attracting an artistic clientele working in multimedia.


The principle concept lies in the imaginative and unique design of each floor to meet the needs of the current tenants while creating a consistent identifying image for the building as a whole.  


The key challenges of this project were transforming and renovating the components of each distinct phase while respecting the tight budget and also designing work spaces while adapting to the surface areas of a megastructure. In addition to the complete redevelopment of the interior spaces, the project entailed replacing the obsolete electromechanical systems, repairing the roof and replacing all of the windows and doors of the two buildings. 

2018 : CISC Quebec Steel Design Awards of Excellence

Finalist, category : Stairs /

Architectural walkways

2017 : Prix Energia
Energy Efficiency Upgrade