Ecologia Eastern Facade
Ecologia Facade Closeup
Ecologia Entrance
Ecologia Entrance Closeup
Ecologia Context



Client: Private

Montreal, QC. Canada

2015 - ongoing

11 350 m2 / 122 170 pi

Located on the Pointe-du-Moulin Pier in Montreal’s Old Port, the proposed project Écologia is designed to be the highest wood structure in Canada in addition to being a signature building at the forefront of sustainable development in North America.


The wooden structure is visible from the exterior of the building and give the project a lively and dynamic character. The wooden frame of the building envelope, dependant on both forces exerted by as well as on the building, plays an integral part of the architectural language of the project.

A high performing building shell, including a dressing that acts as a filter, will enable control of the natural lighting that enters as well as creating a sunshade. In addition to envisioning an avant-gardist integrated design approach to create a building of this height with a solid wood structure, the Écologia project proposes a curtain wall system with triple paned wooden windows, exceptional views, a hydrothermal system, radiant heating, a grey water treatment system, and an incorporation of indoor greenhouses that will help to purify the air. The synergy of these principles is designed to produce a building autonomy of 300 days per year as well as creating a model of sustainability that will serve to educate the public.