Client : Rémi Bédard

Montreal, QC. Canada


 345m2 /  3 708 ft2






The construction of a residential loft on the roof of the Gallery Encadrex in Montreal was realized in a manner that ensured consistency with the vocation and craft of the business housed in the building below. Although its primary function is a living space, the loft transforms into a gallery, a studio, and a workshop.


The loft divides into modules according to its uses. This unique architectural project is an experiment of space and light - the effect being a veritable showcase of works of art. 

The mixture of textures and materials, the windows opening onto the garden, and the clean uncluttered space of the loft creates an ambience of comfort and serenity.


The project, an example of urban densification, was designed following Novoclimat standards and makes efficient use of passive solar energy. In addition to installing an intensive green roof and a vegetable garden, the movable glass roof allows for the protection of the outside terrace according to the needs and activities of the gallery.