Client: GoGo Lounge

Montreal, QC. Canada



The GOGO lounge, located on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal, put on events inspired by the 60's and 70's by creating "Happenings," often promoted through installations on the building's facade. To create an architectural ensemble that would mark a new beginning for the GOGO, a new facade was designed drawing inspiration from the pop art movement.




The body of the facade was made of smooth white fibre glass, recreating the texture of objects that was so common during these emblematic years. The white background made it possible to create special lighting atmospheres on the street using projections and light shows produced by a series of small red lights suspended above the entrance and a ray of light inside the rings of the facade. The overall composition of the building front, with a prominent circular window as the principal element, was inspired by the esthetic of these decades that changed the world.