Client: Héma-Québec

Montreal, QC. Canada


 6 970 m2 / 75 000 ft2





In collaboration with Julien Architects

Hema-Québec was facing many problems with the low energy efficiency of its headquarters, generating high operating costs as well as comfort issues for the users.


A complete energy assessment of the building was therefore completed to find possible corrective measures.The refurbishment of the exterior envelope and the replacement of windows solved the insulation and infiltration problems.




In addition, placing sun shades on the eastern and western facades made it possible to control the amount of light entering and reduced glare, while keeping the benefits of natural light. 


The offered solutions were cost-efficient. No replacement of the mechanical systems were necessary and the reinforcement of the precast concrete wall panels reduced demolition cost and allowed for indoor activities to continue during construction. Not only are the Héma-Québec headquarters now more energy efficient, they are also a more comfortable working environment for their users.