Client: Struktur

Montreal, QC. Canada


10 670 m2 / 114 850 ft2


This high-end residential development project will be a distinguishing addition to an exciting and vibrant neighbourhood. Integrating the highest standards in ecological design, the development is situated on a neglected industrial site and surrounded by an unusual mix of buildings that resulted in tight design criteria. The restrictions and conditions of this site's particular architectural cohabitation inspired the creation of this one-of-a-kind project.

Adjacent to the project is an 11-story concrete industrial building as well as a monastery, whose presence resulted in major constraints being imposed on the project in terms of views. To address these limitations, it was necessary to explore unique design strategies. Among the proposed solutions is the integration of angled windows, openwork screens, and partially frosted windows that would prevent direct views onto the garden, while at the same time permitting abundant natural light to enter the living spaces.