Client: La Minerve Municipality

La Minerve, QC. Canada


 65 m2 / 700 ft2

The aim of this project is to provide a variety of autonomous dwellings nestled in a rugged natural setting, which offer a lifestyle symbiotic with nature.


The design approach is inspired by the character of the site and incorporates integrated and sustainable construction strategies. The form of the frame facilitates a maximal integration into the natural setting by reducing the visual impact on the surrounding environment.




The building dimensions are decreased in order to reduce the ecological footprint and to counterbalance the significant impact of dwelling size on the level of resource consumption. 


High-efficiency, EPA-certified wood burning stoves are used for heating and each unit is equipped with a composting toilet. There is no water or electricity. The selection of local resources, such as wood, ensure a sustainable and ecological choice for the principal construction system as well as for the surface finishes, both interior and exterior.