Client: Sépaq

Monroe Lake, QC. Canada


600 m2 / 6 450 ft2

The wish to redefine the image and identity of the "Welcome Cabin" resulted in a harmonious composition of spaces that allows the integration of the architecture as a learning space. Permeated with the essence of Mont Tremblant National Park, the Discovery Centre acts as a common thread guiding visitors on an experience of discovery and a celebration of nature.  


The form of the building was designed around the site's natural and climatic features. In addition, the choice of wood as the primary material reinterprets the site's richness in textures and colours and creates an embodiment of nature in all its exuberance.




A key challenge facing this project was to limit the building's impact on the pristine natural setting, from its implantation through to its final ecological footprint. Combining the application of bioclimatic design strategies, the choice of eco-responsible materials and the use of high-tech innovative technologies such as hydrothermy, the project is an exemplary model of a truly sustainable building boasting a 59% reduction in total energy use.