Client: Objectif Lune

Montreal, QC. Canada


1 450 m2 / 15 600 ft2




After moving into a building with a very industrial architectural style, this communications agency decided to redesign its office space in order to better harmonize itself with the spirit of their new location.


In keeping with the character of the site, the surfaces are bare and the large openings are showcased. The natural light entering the space is amplified in the open areas by reflection on the exposed concrete floors.

Combined with the raw natural textures of the premises, the choice of colours and materials creates an environment that is both welcoming and stimulating for users. In addition, office furniture with a minimalist design and light fixtures with simple and geometric forms animate the spaces.


A particular challenge of this project was convincing the building owner to invest in efficiency, spatial, and functional improvements such as replacing the windows and adding a staircase between the two floors.

Obejctif Lune-04.jpg
Obejctif Lune-03.jpg
Obejctif Lune-02.jpg