Client: Allied REIT

Montreal, QC. Canada


  25 m2 /  269 pi2



The sky bridge project, that spans 7 metres between two industrial structures at the level of the 10th floor, was designed for the multi-storey offices to allow the free movement and improved productivity of its approximately 1500 employees.

The Platonic volume of a cube that floats in the air emerges from the digital culture of gaming. Luminous and graphic visual effects were integrated into the design, giving the sky bridge a surreal look as a weightless form suspended between two concrete structures.

From the inside, the sky bridge provides an off the ground experience. As they move across the bridge from one structure to the other, there is a view that opens to the mountain on one side and to the horizon



on the other. As the light changes over the course of the day, the pixellated matrix of the fully glazed wall casts a shadow that dematerializes the floor. With the effect of the subtly lit and darkly reflective ceiling there is a feeling of being surrounded by stars. Mirrors placed in the four corners of the passage infinitely extend one’s reflection. Recessed linear lighting between the floor and the glazed wall help to distinguish vertical from horizontal surfaces.

From the exterior, mirrored belts that join the cube to the buildings on either side subtly reflect the adjacent facades and break with the dark volume of the cube. With a subtle play of reflectivity and pixellated transparency, a fully glazed skin with minimized joints wraps fully around the cube itself.


Finalist, category : Stairs / Architectural walkways