Client: Sisters of Providence

Montreal, QC. Canada


 6 970 m2 / 75 000 ft2


Selected through an invitational competition, this project entailed the conversion of two buildings - one constructed of rubble-stone that had previously served as a hospice and congregation residence, and the other a secondary school constructed in 1960 - into a residence for an autonomous elderly population. The entire project includes 110 living spaces - studios and rooms, a cafeteria, a chapel, common spaces as well as a wing to house specialized services.

The design concept was to create fluid spaces associated with personal growth and well-being. A main objective of the development strategy was to avoid all references to a hospital or care facility, thus the choice of materials and colours generally associated with senior's residences were reconsidered. The incorporation of noble colours and materials, the spatial animation, and contemporary architectural language combine to create an environment that is both stimulating and reassuring for its residents.