Client: BSD Co, Ltd

Tianjin, China


 40 000 m2 / 400 055 ft2

The Sino-Canadian complex in the Tianjin eco-city is an urban laboratory whose objective is to explore new urban solutions and architectural possibilities for the development of sustainable cities in China. This international cooperation will benefit both China and Canada by leveraging expertise and know-how from the two countries.


SVA is participating in this project by designing five buildings, which will host research and development activities and display Canada’s expertise in using wood as a construction material. The project is composed of two large buildings: the R&D center & exhibition hall and the Sino-Canada Tower, and three satellite buildings all connected through public access at the ground level.

The R&D center and exhibition hall is inspired by the textures of the Canadian forests. Its design is in harmony with its function, as it organized around an exposed wooden structure. Not only does the wood fulfill a structural purpose, it is also put on display, showcasing the Canadian know-how of wood construction techniques, the possible applications of this versatile material, and its strength. Interior and exterior finishes are designed with different types and textures, displaying the nobility of wood and its wellness factor for the user. Below the structure, a mirror ceiling emphasizes the wooden assemblage and reminds of the Canadian lakes, reflecting the magnificence of the forest in the wilderness.