Client: École St-Joseph Inc.

Montreal, QC. Canada


 760 m2 /  2 500 ft2

For this school remodeling project, the firm was mandated to draw up several different expansion scenarios following the acquisition of the neighbouring building, the Maison Henriette-Moreau Lionais, an important landmark in Montreal's architectural heritage.


The solution adopted for the revitalization of the property involved the re-structuring of the building ensemble. Opening the site onto the surrounding streets and creating a new passage between the buildings increased the number of entrances to the school and allowed for more fluid circulation.

The architectural design chosen for the new volumes is consistent with both the modernist aspect of the school as well as the traditional character of the Maison. The existing interior spaces, renovated into a library and multimedia resource centre, provide a new and inspiring learning environment and create a prestigious image for the institution.


Due to its unique characteristics, this project was subject to many patrimonial, regulatory, and constructive requirements, thus necessitating specific and complex studies.