Client: SVA Initiative

Montreal, QC. Canada


5 400 m2 / 58 125 ft2

* In collaboration with Studio APSIS

This project offers a new and unique accommodation experience by combining the practical and economical aspects of camping with the vitality and proximity of an unusual urban context on the edge of the Saint Lawrence River. It is also an effort to revive the Conveyor Pier and its tower located in the Montreal's Old Port, a site truly steeped in the history of the city's port heritage.






The jetty serves as the structural element of the project. The implementation of mobile, floating barges in the King-Edward Basin integrates pools, restaurants, toilets, and free spaces for tent modules, thereby creating a unique urban experiment for travellers; an innovative and unconventional way to experience and explore the city.


The transformation of the Conveyor Pier Tower into an observatory and performance venue is also an important element of the project, attracting visitors and offering a breathtaking view of the city.