Stéphan Vigeant, senior architect & co-founder, PA LEED

Senior partner of the firm and certified LEED professional, Stéphan Vigeant demonstrates that an architect's scope is not restricted to only certain steps of a project. He closely monitors all steps of a project, from the objectives of the initial design phase until the realization of the project's full potential through the research and application of architectural solutions. 


Stéphan's extensive professional experience and assiduity at asserting a contemporary vision of architecture complement his many related skills, including the ability to quickly render a new project in perspective, the capacity to generate comprehensive conceptual designs and the aptitude for engaging with the client in order to reveal the advantages of the different options available to them. 


Years of experience as boss, partner and project manager have afforded Stéphan the opportunity to realize major architectural projects characterized by the originality of the solutions as much in a traditional framework as in fast track projects. 




Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith